Individual Cases - Men

Daniel Carrasquillo DCx12521 - Added May 22, 2009 - Broward County, Florida. Daniel's mother reports that her son has been imprisoned since 2004. He is sentenced to life in prison for a crime he did not commit. They need a lawyer
Aaron James - April 12, 2009 - The Winnipeg Police have been attempting my kidnapping/ murder multiple times at the behest of McCain and related factions within FBI as per threats we have received from FBI... more.
Grover G. Allen - Alabama Prison - November 12, 2004 - Illegal Incarceration/ Denial of Constitutional Rights/Reverse Discrimination/ Illegally Using Inmates for Personal Gain.
Benjamin Aldridge - LWOP North Carolina - November 3, 2002 - Here is a letter to Patrick Crusade asking for an investigation. If anyone would like to follow up on this, please do.
Harry Bout - Michigan - November 13, 2002 - Patrick Crusade received another letter from Mr. Harry Bout. It is typed below. But first, here are some links to brush up on his case... perhaps some of our Michigan and Netherlands members can assist. If not, maybe there is "someone" on this list who will reach out - I pray so. Obviously, as one indiviual, I cannot handle *all* of our cases.
- Update 06-23-05 Grievance Filed.
- Update - August 12, 2005
Burton Bradsher - Florida - June 25, 2003 - The Injustice my son, Burton Bradsher is having to suffer due to the way his case was handled by Asst State Attorney, Phil Bonano, State of Florida vs Burton Bradsher case: 00-36992 CFAES. is not the only injustice that happens to innocent people both by the criminals and the judicial system. Take a moment and search the web for more injustice.
Roy Brown - New York - July 29, 2002 - I am only asking for your signature on a petition that supports DNA testing being done for an innocent man. 11 years ago, my brother Roy Brown was put in prison for a murder he did not commit. in fact he had never even met the woman who was so brutally murdered. DNA testing of the physical evidence left behind by the real killer would prove that Roy is innocent. Unfortunately the DNA laws did not go into effect in New York until 30 months after Roy's trial. Roy had repeatedly asked the courts to allow this testing to be completed. The judge and DA say no. I believe they fear that the results would prove that they are both guilty of locking up an innocent man. I have also set up an online petition for those interested at:

If I can be of any assistance in either this case or one that you are fighting for please let me know. Feel free to forward this message to other individuals that you feel may be interested in helping.
Sincerely, Roy's sister,
Billie Jo

Jon Cobb, Jr.: My name is Jonathan D. Cobb, Jr. I am 31 years old and I want to tell you my story. I ask only that you know. Nothing more. I live in the San Francisco bay area and have for a great deal of my life. I went to school here and while I was in high school me and some friends got the wild idea to break into a local high school as a prank. Being young and stupid you think these types of things are fun but you never think of the long-term effects.
I (WE) do have documentation to substantiate this claim. This should be investigated immediately. Please contact us for more information.

Bernice Hickey
Cheryl Woods
Archie Davis - Found Dead January 10, 2002 - Was he also murdered by the guards like Frank was?
See the officers who are involved at WAKULLA "CORRECTIONAL" INSTITUTION - Florida. A young man by the name of Archie Davis DIED on January 10th 2002 at approximately 6.25 AM. At Wakulla Correctional Institution in Crawfordville, Florida. While in confinement. Was it suicide or was it (MURDER) another Frank Valdes case?

This has not been on the news nor is it listed on DOC's website. Why is this being kept a secret ? The officer's involved are also listed at

Jimmy Dennis Help is urgently needed to save an innocent man! On this page you will find links to information related to Jimmy Dennis' case. There are so many blatant errors, manipulations, and incompetence on the part of the Philadelphia Police department and District Attorney's office in this case. Anyone who looks into the details of the case can see that the state has convicted an innocent man to satisfy the public's outrage over the high profile case in the robbery and shooting of Chedell Williams outside a Philadelphia Public Transit station in October of 1991. With Jimmy incarcerated, the real murderer may never be caught.
Glenn Dove - Texas - October 10, 2004 - My name is Joyce Dove. I recently married an inmate in a Texas prison. His name is Glenn Dove. My husband was a juvenile sentenced to life for murder. He was 15 at the time of the crime. I have his transcripts, and even though I am not a lawyer, the whole thing does not sit well with me, and I have found many violations.
Ed Forchion "Power to the Jury": Sometime soon, a man named Ed Forchion will go to trial in New Jersey, charged with possession of over 40 pounds of marijuana. Forchion, a former truck driver turned medical marijuana supplier and a practicing Rastafarian, faces up to 30 years in prison as a conscientious objector in the War on (some) Drugs; even so, he'll act as his own defense counsel. The Camden County Public Defender's Office refused to defend Mr. Forchion because of his planned defense's -Religion, Medical, and Open advocation of Jury Nullification. For most people, this would be quite a challenge, but Forchion's defense is simple: He says that the government has no business telling people what they can put into their own bodies and wants the jury to refuse to enforce the law.( 1 )
Raynel James Francis - Massachusetts - February 17, 2005 - Raynel, had put himself in great danger, which has resulted in his being physically and sexually abused, by testifying against a well known drug lord. This young man, furthermore, has had to be treated for seizures since he was approximately twelve years old, and he has never before, been involved with the law. Now he has had spend most of his time in solitary confinement due to protective custody issues.

Please see the petition for commutation of time served at:
Dominic M. Franza - New York - June 1, 2004 - was wrongly convicted and is presently incarcerated for conduct - purportedly sending a man to murder his Mother-in-law, Mrs. Josephine Mendez and Wife Myra Franza. As well, having another man prepare and mail a pipe bomb to Puerto Rico, in an attempt to kill Mrs. Mendez's Mother, Rosa Roman, Mrs. Franza's Grandmother.

Daniel Frost's Homepage: - My name is Daniel Frost and I'm an inmate at Morgan County/BMCX State Prison. I am currently serving a six year sentence for arson. The main purpose of making this homepage is so that I might possibly interest someone into corresponding with me. It's a big bore here in this Stoney Lonesome. The prison doesn't allow the inmates access to the net so it'll have to be by letters.
John Gaston - Virginia - April 16, 2002 - Here is a letter to PATRICK CRUSADE asking for assistance. Please write to him soon:
Dustin Turner - Virginia - May 8, 2005 - Jury foreman supports pardon for convicted ex-Navy SEAL. Dustin Turner, the ex-Navy SEAL trainee seeking a pardon in the 1995 slaying of a college student in Virginia Beach, has received a boost from the foreman of the jury that sentenced him to 82 years in prison. In a letter to Gov. Mark R. Warner’s office, the foreman says a majority of the jury felt Turner was innocent of the murder and was guilty only of helping his co-defendant, Billy Joe Brown, cover it up. In a sworn statement two years ago, Brown admitted committing the murder with no help from Turner. Largely on the basis of Brown’s confession, Turner petitioned Warner for a pardon last year. “I do feel the majority of the jury felt that Dustin was innocent of participating in any way with the murder,” jury foreman Alan J. Reed wrote in an April 2 letter to Warner’s legal counselor. “I do support any action taken on behalf of Dustin Turner. In the hearts of the jury I am sure they would say that he has spent enough time in prison and justice has been served.”
John Tyrone Green - Michigan - November 3, 2002 - The following letter is to the Patrick Crusade wanting to help change the system. Please feel free to write to him, especially if you are coordinating/working for the state of Michigan.
Russell Guess - Virginia Beach October 12, 2001. Relative questions quality of Virginia Beach inmate's emergency care.
Karl Gullen - Solitary Confinement Arizona - September 30, 2002 - Who's Karl Guillen? He's one of many innocent inmates locked down in US prisons, often bound to be executed, simply because they cannot pay a proper defense attorney. Karl himself was very close to death penalty when he discovered his love and his talent for art and literature. He began writing, painting and drawing, thus hoping to earn some money and pay an attorney. But he began writing also for us "outside", so we could know how pitiless and corrupted the American judicial system is.
Bill Heirens: In the summer of 1946, two men, at different times and in different places, confessed to the murder and dismemberment of 6-year-old Suzanne Degnan. Bill Heirens was a 17-year-old college student with a history of burglary, but no history of violence. Richard Thomas was a 42-year-old drifter, with a background of attempted kidnapping and extortion, who was currently awaiting sentencing for the sexual molestation of his daughter. More than half a century later, investigation shows that the wrong man went free.
William Heirens: Lipstick Killer or Legal Scapegoat - In August, 1946, 17-year-old University of Chicago student William George Heirens confessed to three brutal murders and closed a case that had enwrapped the full-time attention of the states attorney and the Chicago Police Force over many months. It had kept city readers glued to the front pages of their newspapers. Reports were lurid and tawdry, for they rang of depravity and reminisced of the darkest prose of Edgar Allen Poe. After one murder, the killer had left a note to the police, written on the wall with the victim's lipstick - thus the name "Lipstick Killer

Raymond Hoser Free Speech trial - Truth in the box - update by R HOSER 9:10am Fri Nov 2 '01 - It's official and on the government's own transcripts - the crown says that truth is no legal defence and/or justification for publishing a book that details corruption in the legal system - see the main story below: This is the high-profile case where the Victorian Attorney General the Dishonorable Robert Justin Hulls is trying to jail Australia's leading corruption author Raymond Hoser for publishing the truth in the two "Victoria Police Corruption."

James Ray Howard - Colorado - November 4, 2002 - Here is a request from James Ray Howard to Patrick Crusade. The paper is dated 4-24-02 but the envelope isn't postmarked so it is unknown when it was actually mailed. The strange thing about this envelope is that it is stamped with two Marilyn Monroe postage stamps. Don't know if that's from friends sending in stamps to him or the mail room using them, but it seems "unfair" when he is fighting against a sexual offender crime - see below. Perhaps one of our members who is watching Colorado would like to pick up on this case.

Innermost thoughts from behind bars - September 30, 2002 by #479571

Larry E. Jackson - Alabama- October 2, 2002 - here is a letter from Larry Jackson to Patrick Crusade Headquarters. Larry is currently imprisoned at St. Clair Prison in Alabama. He worked with Patrick Swiney to promote the Alabama Prison Phone Boycott, the October PRUP rally, and voting for Wilson Myers, until Patrick was suddenly transferred to Donaldson Prison. Larry wants to continue where Patrick left off. These guys take a risk doing activist work inside our prisons. Every activist act they take is risking retaliation, however to the few inside who know that nothing will change until we all work together, the potential for retaliation doesn't stop them. Larry is one of our in-house activists, we welcome him, want to help him with his case, and encourage everyone to write a brief thank you note to him from time to time.

S. James - Michigan - December 28, 2002 - Schenvisky James is being denied access to court Yep, in the USA. Read all of the exhibits of fraud, forgery and doctoring on transcripts on this case. S. James is in need of a chirographer and forgery detection expert. The US District Court just deniedhis request for a chirographer and forgery detection, if you know anyone who is competent in these field, please put them in touch with Schenvisky James as soon as possible. Click the link to see January 13, 2013 update.

Thad Jesperson - California - December 27, 2004 - School Teacher convicted of child molestation. Everyone who knows him says he is innocent, even the alternate juror. No evidence to convict. Yet prosecution is going for life. Contact: Shauna Briggs

Sekou Kambui - Alabama - PAROLE BOARD DATE JUNE 18, 2001 Sekou is of Afrikan / Cherokee heritage, born on September 6, 1948 in Gadsden, AL. He was raised by his mother, grandparents and aunt in Detroit, Harlem, New York, and Birmingham, AL, respectively. Throughout the 1960's, Sekou participated in the Civil Rights movement, organizing youth for participating in demonstrations and marches across Alabama and providing security for meetings of the Southern Christian Leadership Council (SCLC), Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), and the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). Sekou is a paralegal professional and has been an active jailhouse lawyer and prisoner's rights activist for more than 20 years.

Dorian Lester
: "The Countess & The Bodyguard. Why Dorian Lester ", is a question I have had to answer on numerous occasions. I have, in the course of my life, met some exceptional people - some vastly successful, some witty, some greatly cultured, some kind and generous - Dorian Lester encompasses all of the above. A proud, fiercely loyal and protective man, he subscribes to a code of honor, which sits uneasily with the prevalent ethos of "succeed at all or any cost ". Dorian Lester is INNOCENT! The link with George Moody's death tenuous, the lack of physical/material evidence total, the prosecution's case contrived. (Quoted from Countess Valentina Artsrunik.)

Robin Lovitt
- Virginia - March 14, 2005 - Robin Lovitt was deep in the throes of a major relapse. He had sold his television for $20, he would later tell police, and used the money for beer and cigarettes. Then he bought two rocks of crack in what became a long night that ended in an Arlington pool hall on Nov. 18, 1998. Across the Potomac River that day, Kenneth W. Starr was rehearsing a much-anticipated speech that would mark his first public testimony to explain the findings of his investigation of President Bill Clinton. Amid accusations that his four-year, $40 million probe had become a political witch hunt, Starr would make his case to the public, partly in his own defense.

Jeffrey MacDonald: You may recall Jeffrey as the subject of the flawed book & mini-series "Fatal Vision." I've long since become convinced Jeff is innocent after the publication of the newer "Fatal Justice," which proved to my satisfaction his claims of intruders were factual. From Jeff: "Hello, and a belated Happy New Year to all of you. As many of you know, the chances for my full vindication finally happening this year took a sudden turn for the better in October, 1997. On October 17th, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia ruled that I may DNA test exhibits from the crime scene. This is a major legal victory, as it finally allows me access to evidence long withheld from the defense."

George Martorano - Florida - October 20, 2003 - We Are the People Concerned for the Freedom of GEORGE MARTORANO and others like him, that have received harsh, unjust prison sentences for their NON-VIOLENT 1ST TIME CRIMES.

Rasheem Matthew - OHIO
- Guilty until proven innocent. Sponsored by the Innocenttruth Project.

Gregory John Mc Cormick (Itchy) - Michigan - April 16, 2005 - 20 year sentence for setting fire in an outdoor trash can. Trespassing? Maybe. Vandalizing? It was trash in a trash can. Breaking and entering? No. Hurting someone? No. Burning any part of the house? No. So what's the deal with such a tough sentence for this crime? Could it be that it's because Itchy is a punckrock band leader and artist from Germany? Whatever the reason, see Itchy's application for parole to the Michigan parole board.

He did a good job of telling his story. He deserves to be free, but they turned him down. Now he has another parole hearing in July 2005. His fans in Germany want him back home to continue his work in the music and art profession (so he has a job waiting for him). His father will give him a job at his place of business in Michigan (so he has a job waiting for him there to finish out his parole and then he will travel to Germany). Though his band plays punckrock music and though his art is like Van Gough, Itchy is a nice guy with a kind and gentle heart. At heart he is an environmentalist who practices Tao meditation.

If the parole board doesn't like his music or his art, that doesn't make him crazy or dangerous to himself or the public as they may think. It might make his music and art strange to them but that's no reason for turning down his parole after already spending 5 years in prison for setting fire to a pile of trash. In the meantime, Itchy is suffering from rhumatic fever which is not being treated properly, so he is very ill most of the time. He needs our support. Patrick Crusade and Innocent! Organizations are collectively trying to help Itchy get out of prison. Please join us in this effort. Note that the Michigan parole board does not take kindly to Anti-American slogans (they love Bush and think he can do no wrong).

Note that the goal is to "persuade" the Michigan parole board to let him go free. In other words, BE POLITE on Itchy's petition and that will help him the most.

Kevin Mitncik:update 9/21/2000 - Kevin Mitnick, one of the world's most notorious computer hackers, walked off the Lompoc, Calif., prison grounds this morning and into the arms of his parents, ending nearly five years of incarceration.Hacker on trial! Please check out the rest of the site for the facts on Kevin Mitnick's case. The indictment contains a detailed list of the actual charges against Kevin.

Kevin was charged with accessing corporate computer systems without permission and transferring a copy of copyrighted proprietary software. He was not charged with or accused of profiting in any way, or damaging or destroying any systems or software, or of depriving anyone of access to systems or software. Mike Moncer: True Justice for the Unjust! Mike Moncer is serving a 30-year sentence in Florida receiving stolen auto parts. His father (and my friend), Merl, created this site to rally support for his son, and to expose prison and justice abuse in Florida. Free Mumia: Here's one of the best of many sites dedicated to freeing Philadelphia talk show host Mumia Abu Jamal, framed and sentenced to die for the murder of a cop.

Yet, the guilty party was never investigated. Now that the original trial judge has been forced off the bench into retirement, there may be a happy ending for Mumia. You can find another interesting site on Mumia by clicking here. (News Flash: Mumia's writ has just been denied by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and will now be submitted to a Federal Judge, who will hopefully be more fair.)

Free Mumia
- the other side of the story. The case of Mumia Abu-Jamal has been widely published and inflamatory on both sides. Patrick Crusade seeks the truth, and the only way to find out the truth about anything is to study all sides of everything as much as possible. Doing so gives the reader or researcher the best opportunity to make informed decisions. Therefore, to eliminate the rebuttal of any case [good or bad] is to attempt to hide that which is out there [true or false]. Presentations for Mumia's guilt and for Mumia's innocence are presented by caring and dedicated people who firmly believe in what they are saying. Each side would be wise to study both sides in detail. Whether we like it or not, Truth can only be unbiased and objective. Anything less would be fraud.

David Munchinski - Pennsylvania
- August 17, 2002 prosecutorial misconduct charged by daughter [several articles]

Eddie B. Neal - Alabama
- This man is 45 years old as of March 2003 and has been in prison for 25 years. He has maintained his innocence throughout his incarceration. In 1976 he was charged and convicted by an all white jury for the murder of a white woman in this high profile case. Read his letter to Patrick Crusade.

Michael A. Nelson - Holman Prison, Atmore, Alabama. Michael's Dreams. Tucked away in a small rural town in the state of Alabama, sits a man serving a life without sentence. Like many others he is known as a convict or a six digit number. Like you, I too believed that our beautiful justice system does not make mistakes. Not always does the sentence fit the crime. That if you were convicted you desevered whatever treatment you received. All my opinions and views changed.

Aaron Patterson Case - Aaron Patterson is an African-American facing execution for the 1986 homicide of a Chicago couple. His conviction was based on an unsigned 'confession' obtained through torture. Police in Chicago's Area 2 Violent Crimes Unit kicked and struck Patterson, suffocated him, and interrogated him for 25 hours with no attorney present. The 'confession', written by police was not signed by Patterson. There is no physical or circumstantial evidence against him. More than 40 black men were tortured with electric shocks, suffocation hoods, Russian roulette, burns, severe beatings, and threats of death during a 12 year period, resulting in the dismissal of a lieutenant in 1993. Several prisoners on Illinois death row are Area 2 torture victims.

UPDATE - 1/10/03

Scott Peterson - California - December 13, 2004 - A jury decided today that 32-year old Scott Peterson should be executed for murdering his pregnant wife, Laci, whose Christmas Eve disappearance two years ago was the opening act in a legal drama that captivated the nation.

Robert Lee Prinkey - Pennsylvania
- May 11 2003 - reports of beatings that need investigation. Rodrick Rawlings in Bibb County, GA. - Let me begin by saying I am a caucasian, middle-class woman earning a specialist's degree in Education. A series of events in my life has made me have a heart for those who are wrongfully accused and/or convicted of crimes. This is especially true for young, black males here in middle GA. We can not keep turning a "blind eye" to this epidemic.

Antonio Richardson - Missouri
- November 18, 2005 - Fighting the incarceration of an innocent man. I have produced this site to provide all the people of the world with the facts of Antonio's case, which left him UNJUSTLY on Death Row for ten years. In March 2001, he came 1 hour and 48 minutes from being executed for a crime he did NOT commit.

The State Governor granted a last minute stay and upon review, his case was commuted to a Life Sentence without parole. Victoria Justice" James Rodwell: Jimmy has been confined to a jail cell for more than 18 years now, almost half his life, for a crime HE DID NOT COMMIT! A CRIME HE HAS PROVEN HE DID NOT COMMIT!! The "system" convicted James Rodwell by using the testimony of a "paid" informant; a stoolie, a snitch, who in turn used Jimmy to play a "Get Out of Jail Free" card.

A.K. Rosemond - Medical ABuse - South Carolina - Sunday, March 03, 2002 - Here are excerpts of a letter written to PATRICK CRUSADE from A.K. Rosemond who has been with us for over 3 years. If you can assist him in obtaining any of the information he's requesting, please write to him directly in South Carolina. He needs research done on the RNM system and the medical prescriptions they are giving to him.
Shaun Sanders - Texas - August 12, 2003 - The current US criminal justice system turns a blind eye to the `buddy system` that operates within many counties cross America. In Harris County, Texas - this blind eye is taken to many extremes. The extreme is within this site - that of Shaun Sander's case. P. Shelby, 31, was shot to death by two intruders when she returned to her home with her three daughters. Shaun Sanders, 23, has been charged with brother, Windeon Sanders, 25, with murder based upon the law of parties. (Houston, Texas July 15,1997)

William Schank - AL
- August 29, 2002 - Dear Sir [at Patrick Crusade]: The Lord give us different ways to help our loved ones; could you be one of them? My son is William Schank who is serving time in an Alabama prison, once freed about 15 years ago, providing himself worthy of being free. The prison saying he escaped, they came up here in New York State and kidnapped him before illegal papers were in place, taking him out of a jail at 1:00 a.m. Reading a booklet about your cause of changing the law but actions must be taken now as you well know. As you are in Alabama, Billy's case was well known. Is there any action you can help us with for his freedom? God bless, Mother of Billy,
Sandra Cridland,
12 Willowbrook Avenue,
Dunkirk, NY 14048-3417.

William Schank AIS #112480 may be reached at Donaldson Correctional Facility,
100 Warrior Lane,
Bessemer, AL 35023-7299

Robert Seitz - Texas - September 15, 2002 - Patrick Crusade member, Pam Starr, received this request from Texas prisoner Robert Seitz. Robert is a Texas prisoner serving a life sentence for a crime he says he did not commit. Robert has documents in his possession to back up all the information below and if anyone is interested in this case, or can maybe assist him in any way, he is happy to provide further information.

Donald Spinner, Jr. - New Hampshire
- December 31, 2005 - Judge dosed at trial. A special panel of the Judicial Conduct Committee will meet next week to consider a complaint filed against Rockingham Superior Court Judge Patricia Coffey alleging that Coffey dozed through portions of a sexual assault trial in June before sentencing the defendant to 23 to 46 years in prison. Dover resident Melissa Spinner filed the complaint Oct. 5, less than a week after Coffey sentenced her husband, Donald Spinner Jr., to prison after a jury found Spinner guilty of six counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault and two counts of felonious sexual assault.

Charles Thomas Sell - St. Louis - - December 21, 2004 - A System Bereft of Justice. Mr. Sell, a dentist, has been locked up for almost 8 years without a trial. Allegedly, Sell is guilty of Medicare fraud, but with no evidence or witnesses against him, the virtuous, just, democratic, moral US government tortured Mr. Sell in an effort to make him confess. Now they can’t bring him to trial where he will talk. So Mr. Sell is kept locked up under the pretense that his unwillingness to admit his guilt is evidence that he is mentally incompetent.

Roer Rogelio Soliz Jr. - Texas - March 31, 2002 - Here is a letter to Patrick Crusade that fell through the cracks - it's dated 3-31-02. After reading his letter, I think some of you will want to write to Roger because he wants to help with Prison Reform. He had originally written to PC requesting pen pal service. I wrote back to him to let him know that we don't have a pen pal service, but that we would put his name in our Pen Pal Section on our website. Here is his response to that letter.
BRYAN SORENS - Texas - February 17, 2005 - Hey, activists! I'm Bryan Sorens, the author of the "Censorship in Texas" petition. If you can spare a moment, please click on this link below, take a look, and consider signing I was released from prison last week after serving 21+ years -- 21+ years of the kind of censorship described in the petition. Please consider reading and signing this petition, and please also see the "Mail Restrictions in Texas Prisons" petititon on the same website for more details. Thanks! Bryan Sorens Life Means Life:
This was my beloved brother, Robert B. Tant, Jr., (Bud). He was an inmate at the Cummins Unit of the Arkansas Department of Correction where plasma from inmates was harvested and sold for the production of medicines. He had hepatitis B and C but didn't know it. However, according to John Byus, Medical Administrator of the Arkansas Department of Correction THEY knew it - and yet they harvested his plasma and that of other inmates they knew had HIV and every other blood-borne disease known to man and used it to sicken and murder tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

James A. Traficant - Congressman - August 30, 2001Traficant Speaks to American Free Press - "People fear the government and no one should fear the government," said Traficant. "And when you start fearing your government, you end up hating your government. America is building a hell of a problem and it has got to be changed."
Exclusive To American Free Press

James A. Tranficant
- Free James A. Traficant, Jr. #31213-060, Allenwood Low FCI, P.O. Box 1000, White Deer, PA 17887.. James Traficant's error wasn't committing fraud and taking money. His error was doing it old style. While other politicians had moved up to sophisticated methods including campaign donations, speaking fees, book advances and other hidden ways, Traficant stayed true to his suitcase full of cash roots.
JAMES A. TRAFICANT still in prison - April 15, 2005
"Subject: The Bankruptcy of The United States

United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993 Vol. 33, page H-1303 THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!! Speaker-Rep. James Traficant, Jr. (Ohio) addressing the House: [Now He is in prison for willing to stand up for the truth.] "Mr. Speaker, we are here now in chapter 11. Members of Congress are official trustees presiding over the greatest reorganization of any Bankrupt entity in world history, the U.S. Government. We are setting forth hopefully, a blueprint for our future. There are some who say it is a coroner's report that will lead to our demise."

John Two-Names (A.K.A. Andy J. Riendeau)
- May 26, 2003 - Two-Names is an American Indian Political Prisoner currently being held hostage by the State of Alabama. He has been incarcerated for the past 4 ½ years for crimes he did not commit. He was (and continues to be) a victim of conspiracy set-forth by Sheriff's Department of Cullman County, Agents of the A.T.F., and two ambitious politicians.

Harold Upton - Arkansas - March 14, 2005 - On behalf of my friend, Harold Upton, who is incarcerated in the Cummins Unit, I am forwarding his story for you to read. He has requested that I get his information out to as many people as I can, hoping that someone will listen and be willing to be of assistance to his case. Thank you for your time and concern in this matter.

Nancy L Oppenhuizen, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Frank Valdes Murdered By Guards - Florida Prisons - Index of Frank Valdes files - If ever anyone wanted to see corruption at its worst, read how the State of Florida is about to cover up the murder of Frank Valdez. The trial is October 12, 2001. We hope the courtroom is filled with concerned citizens who want to see that this murder is not condoned by officials, for it will send a message to the prison guards that they are *above the law*, and it will tell them they have a license to abuse, maime and kill prisoners with their bare hands and not be held accountable like any other citizen would.
Click here Updates.

- A Guard Who Never Owned His Crimes (By Kay Lee) - September 26, 2004 RE-PRINT.

Gary Waid - Recording says he's in Alabama, but he's actually in Florida
- doing hard time for using marijuana.

Michael Boren Williams
- Patriot, Musician, Intellectual - Michael's Story of Political Persecution in the United States.

Stanley Wilson - Alabama
- February 5, 2005 - This case is listed here at the request of another inmate at Donaldson Prison. The request reads as follows: "This is the case where they gave him and two others parole. Then under pressure from Governor Seigleman, recended their parole. A photo may follow this in a ew weeks, plus a list of accomplishments while in prison. Two of these got 30 years so they'll EOS (end of sentence) in approximately 8 years. This guy has life. Without help, will surely die in prison. Also, he swears that he'll continue the fight for the cause of prison reform."
Free the Angola Two: Albert Woodfox and Herman "Hooks" Wallace helped establish the Black Panther Party at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola in 1971. In 1972, they were framed for the killing of a white prison guard. They were immediately sent to solitary confinement, where they both remained for over 20 years. Woodfox won a reversal of his conviction in 1992, and he is now in a local jail. He is scheduled to be retried on Dec. 7. Wallace remains in an isolation cell at Angola. Both men need your support.

Johnny Wurdemann - Idaho
- Wrongful conviction. April 15, 2003 - I have had 3 nervous breakdowns and my husband has gone to the infirmary 3 times now over shock, and being beaten, and nervous breakdowns and I have had about all I can take, I am getting stronger inside but my body is wearing out on me, and due to this mess, I have fallen down the stairs, broke my leg and have acquired more mental stress and gotten my children totally taken away from me. Johnny is about to go Mochas dadgumit. His case is getting bigger and the post conviction got all screwed up, we took your advice and John never took the stand, but our own attorney was in on the set up as well, as the damn judge who gave John 4 friggin' lifetimes and 55 years and doctored all John's discovery's, and his court files, suppressed the DNA evidence that could have cleared Johnny, (none of it matched any of the suspects ) and got "Snitches" to cut deals and lie and too much publicity all over; he was sunk before he walked in that court room. He made Idaho History just in his sentence alone, and Murderers where he is at get paroled. I swear this is a movie in the making.
JEFFREY NICKEL CASE - New York - Added February 07, 2009 - Did he get a fair trial? Did he "do it"? On May 18th, 2001, after a two-day non-jury ("bench") trial held in Albany, New York, Jeffrey Nickel was found guilty by Judge Paul Czajka, after just two minutes of "deliberation," of four felony counts relating to child molestation involving two alleged victims.
Tomas H. Palacio - California - Added April 21, 2009. "I have been wrongly convicted of attempted murder and two other offenses and am currently serving a life sentence in Centinela State Prison, Imperial, CA. Thanks for stopping by I have been on this site now for about nine months and I appreciate all the support I have gotten throughout those months. My case is currently under appeal in CA. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers for I am another innocent man that has been wrongly accused and convicted of a crime that I did not commit. It is my wish that while my case is under appeal we all remain peaceful and faithful in God's love for my outcome."