Special committees are being set up where team members will perform specific tasks to further the cause of prison and judicial reform. These committees are as follows (this is a dynamic task listing so please review this listing often). Currently all positions are open. Applications for positions are encouraged. Please send us your letter of interest along with any special qualifications you have. We will contact each applicant individually by email or telephone.

PAROLE BOARD COMMITTEE – Committee members review applicants who are coming up for a parole hearing. Case documents are reviewed and the team decides whether or not to attend the parole hearing on behalf of the applicant. The purpose of this committee is to level the playing field where there are an equal number of victims and proponents in the hearing. Click above for a listing of committee members.

NEWS LETTER COMMITTEE – Committee members will receive stories for review and editing (as necessary for space constraints) for the Patrick Crusade news letter that will be published periodically, depending on funding available. Committee members will also conduct interviews for the news letter, as well as stay informed as to new legislation, court decisions and policy updates and changes. This news letter will be mailed to inmates across the United States. Subscriptions for inmates will be free of charge. A copy of each issue will be added to the Patrick Crusade website for surfers to find. Click above for a listing of committee members.

FUND RAISING COMMITTEE – Committee members will research and review funding sources and opportunities for Patrick Crusade tasks which will allow us to perform these tasks for its members. Click above for a listing of committee members.

LETTER WRITING COMMITTEE – Committee members read and respond to the thousands of letters sent to Patrick Crusade from inmates and families of inmates. In the past, many letters have unfortunately gone unanswered due to the volume of letters received by the Director who alone could not respond to everyone. The purpose of this committee is to make it possible to respond to each letter received. Click above for a listing of committee members.

PUBLIC AWARENESS COMMITTEE – Committee members will develop schedules for marches, rallies, conventions, seminars and other public awareness functions on behalf of or involving Patrick Crusade. Subcommittees may be formed depending on the size of the function – such as Refreshments Subcommittee, Transportation & Lodging Subcommittee, Press Release & Media Subcommittee, Logistics Subcommittee, and/or Fees, Licensing & Permitting Subcommittee. Click above for a listing of committee members.

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