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Hempsters - Plant the Seed - (movie trailer)
If you don't know much about hemp, this movie will give you a complete history of hemp on earth and especially in the United States.  There was a time just ~50 years ago that hemp was America's #1 cash crop!  The American government pushed farmers into growing massive amounts of hemp for the good of the country's economy.  Now the American government calls it bad and illegal.  Come on folks!  Visit blog on this movie http://www.theweedblog.com/movie-review-of-hempsters/

Sacred Medicine Sanctuary
Specialty herb formulas and blends to get and keep your body healthy.  For additional related information, please see Kitchen Doctor Shop, Candida Care, and Mold Herbs 

The Official Resistance - Decalcifying the Pineal Gland
The advantage of cleaning up our pineal gland so it makes its own DMT is that we can be in a continuous state of spiritual "work" and we are spared the purgative effects of drinking the ayahuasca. Thus we no longer need any medicines as an adjunct to our spiritual lives. DMT is a totally natural substance that the human body will manufacture and distribute when it is in a healed state. Thus it would appear human beings were intended to be visionary beings and be able to tap into the information in other dimensions. This dimensional perception transcends the ego and rapidly heals our sufferings, conflicts and thus karmas.  Check out this website to read six (6) basics for pineal detox.  Also watch the video on this page.

What is Honey and why are all the bees dying?
Honey is nature's perfect food. While honey is primarily composed of fructose, glucose and water, it also contains other sugars as well trace enzymes, minerals, vitamins and amino acids. For all the chemists out there, honey is about 82% carbohydrates. The carbohydrates present are the monosaccharides fructose (38.2%) and glucose (31%); and disaccharides (~9%) sucrose, maltose, isomaltose, maltulose, turanose and kojibiose. There are also some oligosaccharides present (4.2%), including erlose, theanderose and panose (formed from incomplete breakdown of the higher saccharides present in nectar and honeydew). Honey also contains a number of enzymes, including invertase, amylase, glucose oxidase, catalase, and acid phosphorylase, which removes inorganic phosphate from organic phosphates. Eighteen free amino acids can also be found in honey, of which the most abundant is proline.

All honey also contains trace amounts of the B vitamins riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, pantothenic acid and vitamin B6, as well as ascorbic acid (vitamin C), and the minerals calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, selenium, chromium and manganese.  So, why are all the bees dying?  For more on this please watch this video - part 1 and part 2

Coast To Coast AM - 19.9.2011 - 3/4 - Answers to Cancer (audio)
Dr. Leonard Coldwell talks about curing cancer.  For more about Dr. Coldwell click here.  

“Food Matters” Trailer (You Are What You Eat!) (video)
I recommend everyone interested in health, nutrition, and wellbeing go to www.foodmatters.tv and watch the entire movie! It is absolutely great!

“Let thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food.” – Hippocrates.

That's the message from the founding father of modern medicine echoed in the controversial new documentary film 'Food Matters' from first-time Producer — Directors James Colqhuoun and Laurentine ten Bosch. “With nutritionally-depleted foods, chemical additives and our tendency to rely upon pharmaceutical drugs to treat what's wrong with our malnourished bodies, it's no wonder that modern society is getting sicker. 'Food Matters' sets about uncovering the trillion dollar worldwide ‘Sickness Industry’ and giving people some scientifically verifiable solutions for curing disease naturally.” – James.

In what promises to be the most contentious idea put forward, the filmmakers have interviewed several world leaders in nutrition and natural healing who claim that not only are we harming our bodies with improper nutrition, but that the right kind of foods, supplements and detoxification can be used to treat chronic illnesses as fatal as terminally diagnosed cancer. ‘Food Matters’ is to be launched globally via the internet using full screen video technology.

Natural Healing Home Remedies
Many Tried and True Home Remedies Use The Natural Healing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar By taking this nutritious tonic you will, at the very least, be helping to reduce the nutrient deficiencies that result from a typical western diet containing many processed, refined foods. Natural healing Apple cider vinegar kills germs and nourishes the body at the same time, so have a look at some of the many different ways people have been benefiting from the external and internal application of this folk medicine.

Healing with Love, Dr. Leonard Laskow M.D.
Holoenergetic Healing and Awakening Through Love are profound methods for healing with the energy of the “whole,” Developed by Leonard Laskow, M.D., a Stanford-trained physician who has studied the healing power of love for the past 25 years, they are based on the awareness that as we come into wholeness through love, the enormous energy we use to maintain the illusion of separation from Unity is liberated and can be directed to heal the physical body, resolve emotional issues, enhance creativity, support personal transformation, and spiritual awakening. These methods work through two different, yet highly integrated approaches.

Medicinal Cannabis and its impact on Human Health (video) - [Official Trailer]
In this myth shattering, information packed documentary, learn from physicians and leading researchers about medicinal cannabis and its demonstrated effects on human health. This game-changing movie presents the most comprehensive synopsis to date of the real science surrounding the world’s most controversial plant.  You can also watch the full film from the link above.  And the government calls this a dangerous and "bad drug" because why?     

Cancer Killed by Cannabis - Weed - Pot - Marijuana finds UCLA research and others Full-length (video)
Cannabis has been used by human beings since the dawn of time. Cannabis is high in protein and omega3.  This is an excellent film.  Someday ignorance and greed will give way to the benevolence and miracles of Nature once again.    

Monsanto - Wake Up World!
Case Update: 270,000 Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto.  It is now virtually impossible for a U.S. farmer to grow crops of their choosing (corn, soybeans, canola, etc.) and remain GMO-free because of the numerous biological and human means by which seeds can spread. “Given the difficulties in minimizing GM contamination farmers must make numerous decisions about which steps are worthwhile for them and which steps are not. They are not able to make these decisions based on their own and their customers‘ interests, but must instead make these decisions with the threat of litigation from a giant corporation looming over their head,” Spiegel writes in the amici brief. “The constant threat of a patent infringement suit by Monsanto creates significant, unquantifiable costs for Plaintiff farmers and similarly situated farmers.” The plaintiffs can do everything possible to maintain noncontaminated seeds, and will very likely still become contaminated, and be placed under the threat of a lawsuit. As Monsanto’s domination of the seed industry grows, and the winds continue to disperse pollen from their GMO laced crops, the likelihood of contamination and lawsuits only increases.

Organic India (video)
During the 1990’s thousands of people from all over the world came to Lucknow, India to meet Sri H.W.L. Poonja, lovingly known as Papaji. Drawn to India in search of Truth and Self Realization, people came flooding to Lucknow upon hearing of the simple teaching of Papaji: “Keep Quiet. The Eternal Truth exists within you. Do not entertain a single thought and the Truth will reveal itself to itself.” Members of Organic India cultivate, collect, process, manufacture and market Certified Organic Tulsi Teas, Herbal Supplements, Psyllium, Castor Oil, Ayurvedic and Medicinal Herbs, and many other organic foods and organic spices. Their products are of the highest quality and marketed all over the world. Their range of organic foods and health products is continually developing and expanding.

The Truth about Fluoride
Fluoride in the water excites brain cells, destroys them and it suppresses thought. The first time Fluoride was put in the water supplies was in the Nazi concentration camps to keep the people docile. The main ingredient in Prozac is fluoride.

Canadians Vote Against Fluoridated Water Supplies (video)
The residents of Waterloo, Ontario in Canada have voted to stop adding fluoride to their water supply. The decision has been welcomed by anti-fluoride campaigners. The incoming head of the Ontario Dental Association, Dr. Harry Hoediono, has condemned the decision, claiming that people are unaware of the dental health benefits of fluoride. Campaigners against fluoride believe that adding the chemical to the water supply can cause health problems including cancer, thyroid disease and arthritis.

The Dangers of Aspartame (video)
Aspartame (E951) is an artificial sweetener, used in over 6000 products. The food industry claims that aspartame helps in losing weight, but why is obesity then becoming such an ever increasing problem?

Aspartame is a very sweet chemical, responsible for a host of health problems such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, brain diseases, migraines, ADHD, etc.

Interview with Dr. Marvin Hausman — Coast to Coast Radio (audio)
Immunologist and urological surgeon with 30 years of drug R&D experience with various pharmaceutical companies, Dr. Marvin Hausman discussed his research into food as medicine, and in particular, the healing properties of mushrooms. He discovered that certain mushrooms are high in antioxidants, including a very potent one called L-Ergothioneine that humans can't manufacture in their bodies.

The ancient Chinese were among the first to use mushrooms and other plants for their health-sustaining values. Some of the more exotic mushrooms have the highest levels of antioxidants, including the Reishi from China, Cordyceps grown in Tibet, and the Antrodia from Taiwan, he stated, adding that antioxidants can help reduce inflammation in the body that is associated with many diseases, such as cancer. Tests have also shown that certain mushrooms can be helpful for diabetics and reduce their need for insulin and oral diabetic drugs, Hausman detailed. Many people have low levels of Vitamin D and could benefit from mushrooms that offer a natural source of this compound, he said.

There may also be an upcoming breakthrough in treatment for Alzheimer's involving mushrooms high in Vitamin D, he shared. Interestingly, Hausman noted that dried mushrooms retain their nutritive value— “it's the only biologic food that allows total removal of water, without destroying any of its components,” he said.

“The Calling” — A Must Watch
Fluoride is really a poison for your brain. Processed foods contain poisons for your body. It is all part of how people are controlled. It is also part of population control.

Zero Deaths Caused by Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, or Herbs

Doctors are more harmful than germs  Somtimes challenging, wholly invigorating, Dr. Bigelsen asks the questions that no one in the U.S. medical establishment seems to have wondered.  Where does inflammation come from? Why are some many diseases of old age affecting people at younger and younger ages? The answers may have you canceling your annual exam.  Download free e-book here.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz
Dr. Horowitz can tell you more about the world’s most urgent problems, and who is creating them, than possibly anyone on earth. But he prefers to tell you about the suppressed solutions, and how We The People are manifesting them… One example is the newest virus that will be announced later on in 2010 — the H5N1 virus. You can listen to what you can do about this in his interview on Conscious Media Network – Leonard Horowitz
Leonard Horowitz —August 2010

Interview with Steven Ross “And Nothing Happened” (video)
Steven Ross has written a book in response to the ridiculous statements where serious health consequences, like death are being promoted as “side effects.” Meanwhile, people who discover methods, for example, to cure cancer with no side effects are ignored and some are even imprisoned. Well–meaning people who walk for cancer, wear ribbons for cancer and donate toward the cure for cancer are being royally duped. Why? Because the money is in the research and pharmaceuticals, not in the cure.

Food Safety – Part 1 of 9 – (video playlist)
Bovine Growth Hormones – by Monsanto.
Here is another one about Monsanto only this time, it’s not about poisoning our soil it is about injecting genetically engineered growth hormones into cows supposedly to produce more milk for cheaper cost and more profit for our farmers. Now, we know Monsanto doesn’t care about the welfare of farmers or any other people. They only care about money and profit, no matter what it takes. Here is all the more reason to buy or grow organic food, including milk for our children.

You can see from other links on this page just what ingesting genetically engineered foods can do to human beings. Well, if you are filled with fluoride and your brain has become completely docile because of that, you’ll keep feeding yourself and children these poisons and then wonder why the world is in such a mess with threats of nefarious one world government and so forth. So stop and think about these things as you continue your journey through this website. I hope you will watch all 9 parts of the film above — they are very educational and can help you and your family live a healthier life.

The GeoEngineering Cover–Up (Video part 1 of 7)
Rosalind Peterson of California Skywatch was a certified USDA Farm Service Agency Crop Loss Adjuster working in more than ten counties throughout California. She now spearheads a watchdog group that monitors uncontrolled experimental weather modification programs and attempts to mitigate global warming by blocking the suns rays. Peterson is at the forefront of the chemtrail research field looking into how the unexplained patterns that scar our skies are causing detrimental human health effects and environmental degradation.

Dr. Nick Begich: The Technologies of Political Control Over It's People — Alex Jones Tv (videos Part 1)
Alex talks with Dr. Nick Begich, co–author of Angels Don't Play This HAARP. Begich has pursued independent research in the sciences and politics for most of his adult life. He received Doctor of Medicine (Medicina Alternitiva), honoris causa, for independent work in health and political science, from The Open International University for Complementary Medicines, Colombo, Sri Lanka, in November 1994.

Begich has served as an expert witness and speaker before the European Parliament. He has spoken on various issues for groups representing citizen concerns, statesmen and elected officials, scientists and others. Begich is also the author of Earth Rising II: The Betrayal of Science, Society and the Soul with the late James Roderick, and Controlling the Human Mind: The Technologies of Political Control or Tools for Peak Performance.

To watch the remaining videos on this topic, click the links here: Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

HAARP Secrets Revealed (1 of 5)
Dr. Nick Begich Dr. Nick Begich has been pursuing independent research in science and politics for most of his adult life. Dr Begich received a doctorate in traditional medicine from the Open International University for Complimentary Medicines in November 2004. Dr. Begich the eldest son of US Congressman Nick Begich Sr. and political activist Pegge Begich.  During this interview conducted by prisonplanet.tv, Dr. Begich talks about many controversial science experiments, including HAARP, Mind Control technology, compartmentalization within the science community, and how these technologies, which might be used for the progress of all mankind, is currently controlled by secret military industrial complex interests putting all of humanity at risk.  For the rest of this series, please watch Part 2, Part 3Part 4, and Part 5.  For more on Dr. Nick Begich click here.
Obama's Evergreen Revolution a ploy to push GMOs
Saturday, December 11, 2010 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer. The Obama Administration is working towards a second “Green Revolution” in agriculture known as the “Evergreen Revolution”. This sequel to prior agriculture industrialization efforts in India in the mid– 20th century is being heralded by some as the next step in sustainable food production for the populations of the world. But a closer look reveals that one of the primary thrusts of the initiative.

S.510 Food Safety Modernization Bill and Codex Alimentarius (Video)
Alex Jones interviews Mike Adams the Health Ranger about S.510 the Food Safety Modenization Act, which invokes “harmonization” with Codex Alimentarius. In this interview, Adams also explains how the FDA will pursue a global food safety scheme involving the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Treasury.

Elements of Health
Aluminum in the rain, we are being saturated by chemtrails — Weather Modification Programs — HAARP Patents. DISCLOSURE: This information has not been evaluated by the Food Drug Administration or Federal Trade Commission. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Any information herein is for educational purpose only; it may be news related, speculation or opinion. Always consult with a qualified Medical Doctor before deciding on any course of treatment, especially for serious or life–threatening illnesses.

Chemtrails: The Real ‘Best Evidence’
Rosalind Peterson joins Freeman over the phone for an in depth interview on the chemtrails that are currently being sprayed all across the U.S. and throughout the rest of the world. Recently Rosalind was on a Discovery Channel special on chemtrails that did more to cover–up the facts rather than cover them, but with Freeman you will find no slight of hand tricks or editing jobs here; just pure honesty and openness on the issue.

Social Indoctrination and Geoengineering (video) — by Maxwell Igan (Video)
The business of the journalist is to destroy truth. To lie outright. To pervert. To vilify. To sell his race and his country for his daily bread. We are the tools and vessels of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks. They pull the strings and we dance. Our talents our possibilities are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.

G–Strophanthin—A “New” Approach for Heart Disease
In a study of 150 seriously ill heart patients, who altogether had 254 heart attacks, oral g–strophanthin was successful in 85% of the cases. Dr. Dohrmann, who conducted the study, observed, “A positive result was registered when the severe heart attack abated at least five minutes after the g–strophanthin capsule was bitten through, and after ten minutes at the latest, they disappeared completely.”

World Research Foundation on Alternative Therapies
World Research Foundation on Alternative Therapies The purpose of the Foundation is to locate, gather, codify, evaluate, classify, and disseminate information dealing with health and the environment. All countries are contacted to collect the best health information in an unbiased, neutral, and independent manner. The collected health information encompasses both ancient and current data from traditional and nontraditional medicine.

Dive! Movie Trailer
Follow Jeremy Seifert and his circle of friends as they dumpster dive in the back alleys and gated garbage receptacles of L.A.'s supermarkets. In the process they uncover thousands of dollars worth of good food and an ugly truth about waste in America: grocery stores know they are wasting and most refuse to do anything about it.

Get the film on the website www.divethefilm.com for 10 bucks.

Steven Ross website
“And Nothing Happened” … But … You can make it happen by doing something completely different.

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