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Hi Everyone,

I am very interested in Jacque Fresco's ideas for the future and grateful for the opportunity to introduce his concepts to a wider audience. The way Mr. Fresco thinks, his engineering designs, his ideas for building a world that is beneficial to everyone, has been compared to Buckminster Fuller who was an American engineer, author, designer, inventor, and futurist. Both of these extraordinary men have been compared to Leonardo da Vinci who is not only considered a wonderful artist but a brilliant scientist and engineer as well.

I am a woman who has worked as a construction engineer and contracts manager on major multi-million dollar projects since around 1974. Before that I worked as a file clerk in a bank then at the first opportunity, I got a job for the Navy in their combat systems division where I learned the complexities of scheduling the rehab of Navy vessels. In those days there were hardly any women interested in construction, but I was fascinated by it. My father worked as an architect and, even as a kid, he frequently went over his design drawings with me, showing me how to read them. Our family was very poor so going to college after high school was out of the question without a scholarship but my grades were half a point too low to be considered for a scholarship. I would have studied the sciences over business. I was particularly interested in the geotechnical field (soil, rocks, earth) which led me to an interest in civil engineering.

Back then, I was scrambling to make ends meet for me and my three young children, and trying to figure out how to earn enough money to improve life for them. I decided there was good money in working as a field engineer on construction projects and to do that kind of work, I would have to study civil engineering in college. With the help of my then employer, I signed up for night classes, carrying the equivalent of 16 credits in civil engineering. So I was doing that while working full time, and caring for my three children. To say the least, these were extremely busy times in my life. Eventually I worked my way into a field construction engineering position where I sort of found my niche in the working world. So, this is what I have been doing for a long time, but it is not who I am.

In 1996, I founded an international human rights organization centered on exposing the horribly corrupt and cruel conditions in the prison and judicial system in the U.S. My ultimate goal was that one day there would be no need for human rights organizations on planet earth, and I looked forward to the day when my organization would be put out of business by a world of people and leaders whose second nature was to treat all living things humanely and according to the rule of law where all accused are considered innocent until proven guilty. Presently we have a system that is the reverse: the accused are considered guilty until proven innocent. I think human beings can do better than that.

Should anyone need assistance with their legal case or legal research, there are over 11,000 pages of information stored on my former human rights website http://patrickcrusade.org/old_index.html

The prison and judicial reform issue hasn’t gone away. For many, cruelty is a way of life. There is still a general mindset spewing from American Politicians that begs them to ignore social problems and to think their problems can be solved by throwing misfits, criminals, and people they don’t like into cages for the rest of their lives. Yet, I see a world that is outgrowing politics and seeking the truth. One of those truths is that the tactics designed to evoke people into living in a caged-in mind are beginning to outgrow themselves. As more people become interested in finding out why people commit crimes, the political grip that says “imprisoning people solves our social problems” weakens. From this, we are beginning to realize that it isn’t wise to merely condemn people for their sins when their sins are a result of the un-evolved configuration of Planet Earth’s society itself.

I think this line of thinking fits right in with Jacque Fresco's ideas on how to start changing societies previous thought patterns. Along with his wise, straight forward, and right on philosophy about human nature, Jacque’s structural designs and innovative materials (for example: Memory Metal), give rise to a future that we have the resources to build now. Jacque Fresco calls this The Venus Project – Beyond Politics Poverty and War, so called because he lives in Venus, Florida.

For operating systems that have to do with the environment, and providing the basic needs of life for everyone, I agree exactly with Jacque Fresco's point of view regarding using the scientific method rather than opinion. The latter may be based on political or religious training rather than measurable repeatable scientific data on how things work in nature. I also recognize that we, as a species, will either change the way we think about people and nature or we will not make it. I, for one, prefer the former for my grandchildren.

After finding all I could find about The Venus Project, I decided to help distribute these ideas to a wider audience. I already had a worldwide audience with the former human rights organization. What better way to put this organization out of business than to build a future that is beneficial to everyone and healthy for planet earth? What kind of future do you want on earth: More of the same or something completely different?

To that end, I have created this new website to promote the Venus Project ideas for a resource-based economy. Please remember that phrase. This is a plan that focuses on the carrying capacity of the earth. It is not a plan to take power away but rather to help people take back their own power.

This is truly a plan for the betterment of all people. It is not a plan based on any current socio-economic system, nor is it based on any current political system in the world. It is completely different from anything we have ever done on earth, and I believe that is what we need if we are going to survive as human beings.

The idea that someone has to lose is a mindset that doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because we are all connected through the energetic patterns that surround the earth, thus we are all family on earth. So when our family member loses we all lose. If we think of it like that, our thought patterns begin to change. We begin to think outside of our current box of indoctrination and we begin to see the importance of making life on earth better for everyone. I think it is important to ponder within whether what you think (your prejudices) is really what you think or was it something someone taught you?

In a resource-based society, there is no need for money. Planet Earth provides everything for free. Think of it. People are the only ones on the planet that charge other people for what this planet provides to us for free. Why should we have to pay to live on the planet on which we were born?

In the Venus Project, all people have access to all information and all their basic needs. When a person’s basic needs are freely available without servitude of any kind, people begin to change the way they think. This is the way of the future – a Future by Design, as Jacque Fresco calls it [see link to full movie on home page or click here].

We have the capability and the resources to do this. All we lack is the will. Why isn’t the will generally there to actively make a better world when we have the individual power to do so? My answer is that the people of the world have been brainwashed to be afraid of something new; they prefer the status quo no matter how bad it is, and that’s the kind of mindset that’s killing all of us.

I believe that once you see the possibilities with a resource-based society, you will at least consider what such a world will mean to you and your loved ones. For the first time on planet earth people will be free to discover who they really are. They will be free to expand their knowledge, their passions in life, and their capabilities. Life has never been stagnant. Governments and various religions on earth want life to remain stagnant. This goes against nature and will never happen.

We are all here to expand, to grow our capabilities, and to become conscious beings. We are not here to be slaves, to be imprisoned, to be sick in the mind or body. We are here to grow for the benefit of Ourselves, Others, Gaia and All of Life that exists. We once lived in caves and the highest technology was fire. It was unthinkable that one day we might be flying to the moon or having home computers to send messages around the world.

Once upon a time the earth was flat…then it was round and we were no longer the center of the galaxy.

All the technology in the world is worthless if it does not benefit the human condition and the planet at the same time. We are still thinking like Neanderthals if we think our future cannot go forward toward expansion of the mind and human capabilities.

I agree with Jacque Fresco when he says [paraphrased], “there are no People of Color problems, no Ethnic problems, no Women problems, no Poverty problems…there are only Human problems, and these problems can be solved because these problems have to do with what Everyone wants in life.” We all want clean air, clean water, healthy soil, good food and comfortable shelter. We all want peace, healthy communities and good education. These things should be free to every human being with no “payback” required. This is possible in a resource-based economy. It is not possible in a money-based economy. The people in charge of the money have been lying to all of us for centuries. The biggest lie we have been told is that our minds are not powerful enough to affect anything tangible in this world. Today we have empirical scientific data that tells us our minds are very powerful, and now with that knowledge we must make a world that is good for everyone because that’s why we are here.

May our future evolve forward rather than remain the same because if it remains the same, we as a species will not survive.

Blessings to all,
Sherry Swiney

P.A.T.R.I.C.K. Organization

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