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Jonathan Goldman awesome Reiki Chant cho ku rei - Enjoy this 15 minute meditation.  Set an intent, close your eyes, then do the chant out loud.

VIOLET - a healing meditation with Diana Lang

2010 Predictions from ... Beyond.

Divine Love Meditation

Reiki Healing

Angel Meditation

Chakra Meditation

QiGong Sitting Meditation

Courage Meditation

Sheng Zhen Sitting Qigong

Qigpong Healing Exercise

Tai Chi for Beginners

Stress Meditation

Nimbus Poem by Sherry Swiney

Celestine Prophecy Movie

Age of Intuition

Pythagorean Tone Generator

Women on the Edge of Evolution

Awakening the Impulse to Evolve


The Defining Moment.tv

Jill Bolte Taylor's stroke of insight

The Mind is a Powerful Tool by Sherry Swiney

Free Meditations - Learn How to Meditate.  Meditation Techniques for Positive Thinking, Health and Wellness! Free meditations offer a large collection of meditation techniques to hopefully reduce stress and attain peace of mind. Please explore our positive informative site and in the process rediscover the wonderful and positive part of your self that dwells within. We believe Free Meditations offers one of the best collections of meditation techniques available on the web.  The aim of free meditations is to bring inner peace within our self and the world in a positive and spiritual way. The world is not a peaceful place and within every soul there is some form of tension and stress. It is therefore essential to create positive and peaceful thoughts to bring peace to our mind. Meditation is one of the best methods to bring about transformation and nurture the natural qualities within.  The best way that we can create that change is to change our thoughts from being negative to positive. The positive discovery about meditation is that we are focusing within our self and becoming free of negativity. Meditation techniques simply involve a process of transforming yourself, your thoughts, and recognizing the negative thoughts, and changing them into positive and peaceful thoughts.  The best attitude towards meditation is to be very patient as the mind does not always want to focus. Having a sense of expectation towards positive results can create uncomfortable pressure and thus take away the enjoyment of the experience. By practicing meditation regularly, the person whom meditates gains a wonderful sense of the self. Meditation is a self healing process, any form of stress is a sign of our negative thinking and Dis ease within our mind. If we don't attend to dis ease in the mind we may find that chronic stress can lead to disease of the body.

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