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Message from the Site Coordinator
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Sherry Swiney

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you will take your time touring the layout and exploring the information presented here. Informational links are presented with words and symbols that are designed to help you recognize new and greater possibilities for yourself and humanity.

If you start out by clicking on the first three links on the Main page Logo, you will understand better where I am going with this website.

Indeed Our world is in turmoil today and things do not look so great for a lot of people. Makes you wonder where humanity on earth is heading in the future.

It‘s important to know that Our future is not written in stone. So how would you like the world to look in the next 5-10-25 years?

When you look at how things are being done now, it starts to become obvious that what we have been doing to correct the problems we see on earth is not working at all. People are still mistreating each other. Injustice (call it fear, corruption and greed) is still perceived almost everywhere you look; people on earth are still dying and suffering from needless disease and hunger. People are losing their livelihoods and wondering what they are going to do next.

When you look at society on earth today, what do Society’s Controllers have going as a method of solving these problems? What do you see?

You see: Pollution of Our Resources ≠ Economic Instability ≠ Corruption in Government ≠ Poisoned foods ≠ Planned Diseases ≠ Arbitrary Imprisonment ≠ Censorship ≠ Unfair Courts ≠ Media Lies, Cover Ups & Propaganda ≠ Hunger & Starvation ≠ Broken Families ≠ Senseless Wars & Killings ≠ on and on.

You do not see: Cooperation and working toward a planetary system that is beneficial to all inhabitants of earth. Politicians cannot affect this because they don’t know how. They are politicians, not problem solvers. They care about being re-elected, not about the well-being of the People and Planet. And that’s where you come in.

Can You Change It?

Indeed you can change it. How do you object to the way things are in a way that will create sensible changes? In very simple terms, you quietly stop playing their greed and fear game. You do that by having a change of heart; a change of mind; a change in how you look at things happening in this world. When you stop playing the greed and fear game with them, game over.

To explain this further, you’ll need to understand that your mind is far more powerful than government has allowed you to understand. When they found out the truth about the power of our minds back in the 1940’s they had to suppress this from the general public! But in fact ~~

You are NOT powerless beings.

You no longer have to be victims.

If you want to change the world You’ll need to change your Mind, and no one but You can do that for you.

It’s that simple. It starts with one person “you” and it grows from there.

This website shows you some doors to accomplish this. It’s up to you to decide whether or not to step inside and see what happens.

So? Is now a good time to think deeply about these things? — If not now then when?

On this website

Educate yourself on the real power of your mind.

Educate yourself on the real nature of human beings.

Realize that destruction of people and resources does not benefit people and resources.

Practice what you learn from the links on this website, then watch how things begin to change for you and thus the rest of the world.

Believe it or not, everything you do, everything you think, has an effect on everything that exists.

This website is a work in progress. My research continues almost daily. When I find gem information that adds to the awareness of who we really are on Planet Earth, what we are doing to ourselves, or what we can do to make things better for everyone, the link is added.

It’s time to unlock the natural healer in each of us which has been suppressed for far too long. Now is the time for people on earth to use their powerful minds consciously instead of unconsciously.

You are a vital part of this change. But first you must realize you have been asleep, not by choice. Once you become aware that you have been asleep, you have the choice to stay awake or go back to sleep. This is free will without judgment. You have free will to go back to unconsciously contributing to the extinction of our species, if that is your desire. Hopi prophecies say this earth has been destroyed 4 previous times. If you don’t wake up or if you wake up and decide to go back to sleep because the problems are too huge, history could repeat itself. This is a great challenge for all of humanity.

However I want you to know that the healthiest and most powerful thing anyone can do to create a future that is beneficial to all humans on this planet is to awaken on any level. It is not in stone that we have to destroy ourselves again. We don’t have to do that because this time people are making a different choice. People are waking up every day and deciding to stay awake and learn more.

For the Archaeologists of the future, may you be part of the legacy of people who moved forward this great change to a future where no human has gone before, but where it appears Humanity is naturally heading anyway.

Whether we get there kicking and screaming (by default and much pain) or we get there by consciously starting the change now to create a smoother ride is our choice.

The intent of this website is for the best of Humanity to come forth to create a world that is beneficial for everyone to leave a legacy for the future that promotes a system that lifts all people to their highest potential.

I love you all,

Sherry Swiney


P.A.T.R.I.C.K. Organization

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