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 Dr Richard Korn has died after 79 years among us.  Besides his own career in criminal justice and the justice system, he was a retired Berkeley professor, an ex-assistant warden in NJ, was a hero in military service, always active in prison reform efforts and wouldn't like me to forget to mention that he got his start in the Eagle Scouts.  He hosted a conference on Asset Forfeiture in his CA home, he was under the care of prop 215 in CA, and supported my work in Florida.

The following information comes from his son, Peter Korn. My personal tribute to my friend, Sir Richard, is at http://www.angelfire.com/fl3/SirRichard.html

Kay Lee

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From Peter Korn Sat Jul 27 01:52:20 2002
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 01:52:20 -0700 (PDT)
To: Kay Lee
From: Peter Korn, Richard Korn's son. 
Subject: Automated message: Richard Korn has died


My father, Richard Korn, passed away early Thursday morning July 4th,
during a trip to Sweden. You are receiving this automated reply to the
e-mail you sent to him, courtesy his son Peter Korn.

Richard is survived by his sons Peter, David, and William, and his
brother Louis Jr.

Memorial services will be held on Saturday July 27th at 1pm at the Delancey
Street Foundation at 600 Embarcadero in San Francisco.

There are several obituaries/death notices for my father:

The obituary I wrote is at:

The SF Chronicle obituary at:

The SF Chronicle Death notice is at:

On behalf of my father,

Peter Korn

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 I would like to pass on Kay Lee's words in tribute to Dr. Richard Korn.  I knew him too, as some others of you knew him.  But not like Kay Lee knew him.  His voice is just as Kay Lee describes - very powerful and very warm at the same time.  His wit matched that as well - straight forward so that you knew instantly where you stood with this powerful and knowledgable man.  I know the world will miss him. Blessings to all,Sherry Swineywww.patrickcrusade.org
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From:Kay Lee
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Dr. Richard Korn left this world on the 4th of July 2002 at the tender age of 79.About a year ago, a delightful man named Richard Korn, Ph.D., found me in Florida and took me under his expansive wing.  He had figuratively worn many hats in his 79 years (and wore them literally until his death).   Dr. Korn would never be happy if I didn't list his credentials beginning with Eagle Scout, although, he sighs, his highest achievement there was tenderfoot.  He spent his last years trying to pay off the bad karma he felt he had incurred in his career by reforming the system he was so long a part of. He has been an assistant warden, psychologist, practitioner of psychodrama, professor of criminology at Berkeley campus, author of textbooks on the penal system, and friend to so many.   To me he was MY SHINING KNIGHT IN TARNISHED ARMOR
I would have to have the elegance of the poets or the speech of angels to do justice to the grand and gentle man I call Sir Richard. 

He was the first admitted 'eccentric' I've ever really known and all I can say about that is - what a joyous experience it has been!

He was a roller coaster of emotion and energy so consuming, so powerfully honest that from laughter to tears, from sinner to saint, from guilt to redemption, he could carry me right into the drama with him. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. 

Sir Richard lived to create and he created with a passion unmatched by ordinary men.  Whether he was writing of social issues or penning poems of great longing for the wife whose death he never got over, he birthed his creations with a GREAT and GLORIOUS labor. 

In the midst of his all consuming effort, you could almost see the energy swirling around him as he paced the floor, mumbling to his muses,  searching for the word...  just the right word... and when his muses finally spoke, and his pen began to sing,  the darkness would suddenly burst into sunbeams and lighthearted song -  "If I told you, just how wonderful I am.... You wouldn't believe me....."

Often after hearing him pacing in the night, I would wake up to find his newest gift under my door; the perfect poem, the exquisitely worded essay or a letter that would move the hardest editorial heart or soothe the most troubled soul. 

After those restless nights, he would spend the next morning on the phone, his powerful voice sharing his newest-born over and over with his many friends, elated because, once again, inspiration had not failed him. On those mornings his step would be lighter and his music would fill the house with warmth.
When he had called all the numbers in his book, he'd put on one of his funny hats, or his angel wings ("to separate the sheep from the goats") and head for his favorite copy shop on Solano, where he'd tease his dear friend Greg mercilessly into expansively duplicating everything so he could mail it to everyone. 

Sir Richard really loved his role as the 'Unofficial Mayor of Solano Avenue'.  Daily he'd stroll the blocks, stopping in the stores to barter with his favorite shopkeepers just for the sport of it;  beguiling the ladies, befriending the men, and gently teasing the children into smiles. 

He knew many people and if he found himself standing beside a rare stranger, he'd strike up a conversation that would leave them either laughing at his amazing humor or struggling with the social injustices that should burden us all as much as they weighed on him. Either way, he was irresistible and unforgettable.

Today, as every day since I've known him, I honor Sir Richard's life and pay reverence to his beautiful spirit. 

He called me "LOLIT", one of the Little Old Ladies In Tennis Shoes who, he firmly believed, is going to change the world.  And to me he was my fellow reformer, my role model, my friend, and my Shining Knight in Tarnished Armor.  Sir Richard, I really, really miss you.

"If a prisoner is wrong, stand up to him;
If he is right, stand up for him,
and never, ever give a prisoner a bum rap."
Kay Lee, MTWT
Pacific Institute of Criminal Justice
1868 San Juan Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94707
kaylee@idiom.com  or kayleeusa@yahoo.com
Making The Walls Transparent
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