Wrongfully Convicted Cases

On April 25, 2005 IIPPI made an offer to help with cases of wrongful convictions as a way of helping further their causes.
Please see: Innocent In Prison Project - International (IIPPI)

Tommy Zeigler - Death Row Florida - Added September 16, 2009 - Tommy Zeigler has been on Florida's Death Row for 33 years without a new trial despite new evidence!

Eddie Kahn Website - added January 31, 2008 - Eddie Ray Kahn has been described by the L.A. Times as a "veteran tax protester". He founded the group American Rights Litigators. Kahn also ran the for-profit businesses "Guiding Light of God Ministries" and "Eddie Kahn and Associates." According to the U.S. Justice Department, all three organizations are or were illegal tax evasion operations. More...

Wrongful Conviction and Innocence Resources on the Internet - December 22, 2005 - Ken Strutin (JD, MLS) is an experienced law librarian, criminal defense attorney, and well-known writer and speaker. He is the author of The Insider's Guide: Criminal Justice Resources on the Internet, and has lectured extensively about the benefits of using the Internet for legal research at national and local CLE training programs. Mr. Strutin also wrote ALI-ABA's Practice Checklist Manual on Representing Criminal Defendants, and co-authored the award winning Legal Research Methodology computer tutorial, published by the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI). He has contributed chapters to several books and written many articles concerning knowledge management, legal research and criminal law. Mr. Strutin has taught courses in Advanced Legal Research and Law Office Management. He is also listed in Who's Who in American Law. Currently, Mr. Strutin is the Director of Legal Information Services at the New York State Defenders Association and writes a column for the New York Law Journal. Published December 17, 2005.

Wrongful Death Penalty Convictions - The Viewer of this Page should always remember that these 75 overturned convictions probably only represents the tip of the iceberg. Newer laws, such as the 1994 Anti-Terrorism & Effective Death Penalty act make it increasingly difficult for wrongful convictions, even of death penalty cases, to even be reviewed by Federal Courts. In addition, in the early 90's, the US Supreme Court ruled in "Texas v Herrera" that "Innocence is not grounds for an appeal." Instead, one is forced to look for technical court errors in trial, which may not always exist, even in false convictions. Because of inadequate defenses given the indigent, it is probable that for every guilty person who manages to buy "reasonable doubt" and get off, over 100 innocent persons are convicted. Tired of hearing inmates say they're all innocent? What if they really ARE all innocent? It's becoming increasingly obvious that a high percentage of them are!

Victims of false convictions have many issues to deal with when they are finally released. Not only do they need to rebuild their personal relationships and professional life; they also need to address their financial problems. Advisors from Fisher Investments Forbes Magazine can offer sound financial advice to help them get back on track and invest any settlement money they receive.

Wrongfully Convicted Links: You will find links to other organizations who fight violence in America and abroad. If you would like to be linked to this site, email me and I will add it here.

Innocent - September 2, 2002 To assist and encourage families, friends and supporters of the wrongly accused. Our Goal: To free Innocent prisoners. *cases must be referred by bona fide Innocence Projects or defense attorneys.

History on Convicting the Innocent in the USA
A Synopsis of the 75 Wrongful Death Penalty Convictions overturned by the Courts since 1972 This is only the tip of the iceberg!


Anthony C. Apanovitch another innocent in Ohio

Charlie Alston: A Troubling Sentence - DEATH ROW NORTH CAROLINA - January 7, 2002 -Too much evidence of innocence and the courts refuse to hear the case. Please write to the governor ofNorth Carolina.

Vince Doan And Tracey Baker Wrongfully Convicted In Ohio - August 13, 2004 - This case has been on Court TV twice. It is about a crime there is no proof even happened.

Derek Bentley, UK - 07-31-98 hanged at 19 for his role in the murder of a police officer, told anyone who would listen that he was the victim of a terrible miscarriage of justice.

David Boyce Legal Defense Fund C/O St. Ambrose Catholic Church
Route #2 Box 20A
Belpre, Ohio 45714

The attorney joked with David in front of the jury. It seemed it was not a serious case at all to this attorney, while David's life was literally at stake at the time.

Ronald Bower - New York - July 8, 2004 - ...In that startling moment was born a rare collaboration, the joint effort of a convicted sex offender and his supporter in the State Department of Correctional Services. Over eight years, the two men were joined in the enterprise by several others, including an F.B.I. agent, one of the state's former top criminal justice officials, and the detective who took Mr. Huff's call.

John Byrd - Death Row Ohio - They killed an innocent man" - Poem by Kenny Richey February 26, 2002.

Floyd Caldwell - Michigan - In 1975 and 1976, while the rest of us were going about our everyday lives, Floyd Caldwell was viciously attacked by a racist justice system, wrongly convicted, and thrown into prison for life.

David Ronald Chandler - Innocent and incarcerated. "Moneyless, politically powerless, I petitioned the highest officer of this land with my only offering being the piteous rags of my truthful innocence. President William J. Clinton commuted my scheduled death sentence to an agonizing life of imprisonment. No longer do I supplicate the mighty for crumbs of justice -- henceforth, I shall demand the justice of exoneration due me!" David Ronald Chandler, #17867-001, U.S. Penetentiary, Levenworth.

Ronnie Chandler - Commuted from death row by President Clinton. The case against Chandler depended upon the testimony of the actual murderer, a man named Charles Ray Jarrell, who, in exchange for a plea bargain--

Paul Colella - Innocent on Texas Death Row

Robert Dewey - COLORADO - August 1, 2004 - Wife of Native American reports the wrongful conviction of a crime her husband did not commit.

Davidian Massacre Pages

3 DNA Stories- John Dixon, New Jersey - James Douglas Waller, Texas - and Chicago Trio, Illinois

VINCENT DOAN - OHIO - March 8, 2005 - We have been adding some new things to the website, we recently added a new forum its called Finding Carrie, there we can discuss different ways to look for Carrie. Please join us and help us in Finding Carrie. I talked with American Justice last week and it won't be long now and they will be airing the documentary on this case. My hopes are that after the show airs it will bring alot of new people to the forum. My goal is Finding Carrie, its in Finding Carrie that will bring the truth of what happened to her and that truth will Free Vince Doan who has been wrongly convicted of her disappearance. Thank you all so much! Please come and share your thoughts!! Sara Jane helpfreevincetracey@yahoo.com

Virgil L. Evans - Michigan August 5, 2005 - From Innocent! in Michigan: "We receive so many requests for assistance, and so many of them sound alike, that one might get tempted to become hardened to the situation of those behind bars. I submit, however, that this one will touch you. I'll summarize the rather lengthy letter on behalf of Mr. Virgil L Evans, #087660, who is in the Mound Correctional Facility in Detroit. At the age of 93 he is the oldest prisoner within general population in the MDOC. He has been fighting his case since the age of 54 and proclaims his innocence. In fact, in a live line-up two much younger men were identified as the actual killers."

Frank Fluster - Flordia - Wrongfully convicted. This case, known in the popular press as the Country Walk case, was among the most reported events in Florida during the decade of the 1980's. Francisco Fuster-Escalona, the petitioner herein, was vilified in the print and broadcast media as every detail of the proceedings leading up to his trial was reported statewide.

NATHAN GERRY - MAINE July 15, 2005 - This could happen to you too...Imagine, you are out for the night with your brother doing whatever it is brothers do. You return home the next morning and one of your children inform you that "Mommy was kissing another boy." You would likely confront your wife and ask her what your child was talking about. When she admitted it, you might get mad! You might tell her you are leaving her! You might threaten to be back to take the kids! Little would you know that she would do anything she could to stop you! ANYTHING! Even forcing one of the children to accuse you of molesting them. This would get you out of the picture and when you did return you would not be allowed around ANY children! Not even your own!

Grady Gibson - Alabama - Former police officer convicted of killing his wife, and sentenced to life without parole. Also see "Still Innocent

Patrick Swiney - Alabama - Former police officer convicted of killing his wife and her lover, and sentenced to life without parole. Also see "Forensic Reports

TRAVIS HAYES - Louisiana - October 13, 2004 - 'A FORGOTTEN MAN'----Prosecutors refuse to reconsider inmate's case despite evidence supporting his claim.

Willie Henderson's Life Welcome To American Injustice.

The Tragic Story Of Willie Henderson's Life -- Wrongfully Accused Arrested And Convicted -- Our Fight For Justice Continues --

Due to the nature of the crime I have removed last names from the documents. This site is for mature adults only.

We would like to thank you for visiting our site. First of all I must say this site contains information regarding a man convicted of a crime he did NOT commit and if you take the time to read the court documents presented on this site you will see that a major injustice was done to Mr.Henderson. You will see that Mr. Henderson was clearly made a scapegoat by the police to make sure somebody was held responsible for the crime that was committed against this female. The fault does not only fall on the shoulders of the police though, There were many players involved in this case. As we all know from watching the news more and more convictions are being overturned due to today's technology. The sad thing is ,in this case the physical evidence the state had proved Mr. Henderson could NOT have been involved in this crime.

Malcolm Johnson - Oklahoma - DNA evidence definitively exculpated him, after he was dead, but let's not clutter our minds with facts.

The Wrong Keith - The case against accused cop-killer Keith King was so weak, he's already out of prison. So why did BSO ignore evidence pointing to Keith Maddox? By Bob Norman.

Marcus AND Kelle King - ALABAMA - May 23, 2005 - Mother Fights To Save Sons - Enterprise, AL - Marcus King was lucky. He only got sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for a crime he never committed. Alabama judges are notorious for overruling jury verdicts and imposing death sentences on black men caught up in the nation's most racist and deadliest prison system. Marcus' brother, Kelle, might not be so lucky at his upcoming trial. He's been in jail for over a year facing capital murder charges in the same case as his older sibling. "There are usually only two ways to get off Alabama's death row," Birmingham Post-Herald reporter Taylor Bright has written. "Get the sentence reduced or die in the electric chair known as 'Yellow Mama.'" Marcus King got the reduced sentence, although he was originally brought to trial on two capital murder charges, an almost certain entree to Alabama's death chamber for a black suspect. But he was lucky that his mother hired private attorneys instead of relying on the two lackadaisical public defenders the county provided. And he was also lucky that the judge in the case did not follow the precedent of some other Alabama judges and overrule the jury. That might have been because the jury was a "good" one by Alabama standards, consisting of 11 whites and one black police officer. "Whites make better jurors than blacks in capital cases," One Alabama prosecutor informed Federal investigators. --- [PC note: Get this: prosecutors offered Kelle a plea bargain of attempted robbery which we have in writing. Kelle refused because he did not commit any crime. Later, prosecutors spoke to Kelle's mother stating, "What would you do if we offered your son a charge of misdameanor?" - We don't have that offer in writing yet but when it comes in that offer will be posted here for everyone to see.]

JAMES HARRY REYOS - TEXAS - August 6, 2005 - James was falsely convicted of murder which he did not commit. He is currently out on parole. The former prosecuting attorney is a strong supporter for James Reyos' innocence. The Reyos team is presently working toward obtaining a pardon so that James may start his life over without a murder conviction hanging over his head.

Ellen Reasonover in St. Louis County, Missouri - Exoneration in 1999 and Released after 16 years of wrongful incarceration for a crime she did not commit.

Grover Burnet Reed - Innocent on Florida Death Row.
This is the story of Grover Burnet Reed. He has been on Florida's Death Row for 14 years. He maintains his innocence today as he always has done. It is not an idle claim. If you take the trouble to read this, you can judge for yourself.

Kenny Richey - The Innocent Scot on Death Row convicted on faulty scientific evidence in an Arson Case.
Karen Richey
Campaign co-ordinator

Neal H Robbins - Texas - October 24, 2004 - None of this story is coming from my head. This isn't "my" side, of what happened. Everything within these pages has been taken from court documents, transcripts, and testimonies. This is not my opinion of what happened that tragic day. This is the facts, taken from the participants themselves.

Roy Swafford - Death Row Florida - April 22, 2002 - Wrongfully convicted. Execution date coming soon if courts continue their present path of indifference to facts versus procedure.

Roy Swafford - Florida - home page

Virgina Larzelere - Death Row Florida -- Help Virginia, she is innocent.

JOHN PATRICK MCCREARY - KENTUCKY - March 11, 2005 - The State of Kentucky accused Patrick of brutally murdering Jessica Hawkins and Joel Blevins. Jessica called 911 before she died. In one call, the emergency operator thought she heard Jessica say something that sounded like "Pat." The media publicized this call and other information, inaccurately reporting that Jessica was pregnant at the time of her death and that she named Patrick as her killer during a 911 call. The interpretation of the 911 recordings is still a matter of unscientific, variable opinion and/or conclusion.

Michael Mordenti - Death Row Florida - January 27, 2002 - Another case of Brady violations and prosecutorial misconduct to convict an innocent man.

Leonard Peltier - political prisoner USA
Peltier was convicted of killing two FBI agents after the FBI coerced witnesses, utilized false testimony, and intentionally withheld a ballistic test reflecting his innocence at trial. The ballistic test was later released through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit and it prompted the U.S. Prosecutor to admit, "we can't prove who shot those agents." Yet, Peltier has remained in prison for over 25 years and the FBI refuses to release the 6000 documents still held in secret files today.

Raymond m. Richards - Texas - August 20, 2005 - This is another case of wrongful conviction perpetrated by an ugly divorce where children were involved and subsequently the father or grandfather gets charged with a sex offense. Unbelievably, even without forensic proof, people are being convicted right and left to spend the rest of their lives behind bars. Such is the reported incident of this case. Please see all the links and help if you can.

John L. Spring - Colorado - October 17, 2004 - Two men in prison on a 20 to life sentence for a single murder in which the State's evidence says each did the murder, but each did so by different means. Any and all help wanted to correct this "Justice Denied." Spring is on year 24 of this sentence.

Christopher Taylor - California - July 14, 2004 - Clearly the robbery suspect in the bank's security photo is not Christopher Taylor. Still, he was convicted to 12 years in prison...

Robert Tedder - Wrongfily Convicted Alabama - November 3, 2002 - This is a case of judicial misconduct that needs to be heard.

Phil Tomlin - Death Row Alabama - Unbelievable prosecutorial misconduct.

TONY TRASH - Arkansas - July 22, 2004 - False Testimony Puts Innocent Man Behind Bars For Life. "The evidence, independent of Gaddy's testimony, would not be sufficient to convict Thrash of Capital felony murder." -- Arkansas Supreme Court, in response to a direct appeal submitted by Tony Thrash.

Kerry Walker - Georgia - July 11, 2005 - Nightmare in Georgia. Kerry Walker is fighting against false arrest. He is not yet convicted and hopes to keep it that way with your/our help. "Kerry tells a positively fascinating story about corruption in Cherokee County, GA and about his own poor judgment in choosing who to hang out with and I thought it deserved a wider audience! As Mama used to say, 'Let this be a lesson to you!' " -- Doug Todd, The Mississippi Justice Project - Contact Kerry at kerrym2@earthlink.net if you can help with his efforts to maintain his freedom. He can't do this alone against the thugs in Georgia. Update July 20, 2005 - Analysis of Police Report/Inverview - Update 10/10/05 - Letters

Kevin Wilson - Michigan - March 10, 2003 - I am writing to you regarding my very dear friend Kevin. He is incarcerated at Mid-Michigan Correctional Facility in St. Louis for a crime he did not commit. I'm sure you hear that from almost everyone but in this case it happens to be true. I will try to briefly explain what transpired and I'm praying that maybe your organization can help us get Kevin released.